Stuttgart Museum of Natural History

The major exhibition of 2016 at Museum of Natural History of Stuttgart Naturdetektive invites its young visitors (from 5 to 12 years old) to investigate with their family: 4 horrific crimes have been perpetrated in nature, they have to find the culprits!

A large panel of multimedia games and interactive and playful experiences that helps collect clues to solve the case, revealed in an animated movie at the end of the track.

The exhibition also invites to discover fauna and flora of Bade-Wurtemberg, thanks to an immersive and interactive 270° device that retrace one day into the landscape of the Black Forest. When visitors approach, captors trigger the apparition, inside the panoramic view, of spectacular images of natural phenomena usually invisible to the human eyes : metamorphosis of a butterfly, feast of a bat or submarine life…

Our work

  • Maîtrise d’œuvre de l’exposition
  • Direction artistique générale
  • Conception et réalisation graphique
  • Écriture des contenus
  • Conception et production des audiovisuels et multimédias : bornes interactives, animation en motion design, dispositif immersif et interactif à 270°
  • Ingénierie technique
  • Fourniture et installation des dispositifs d’éclairage et des multimédias

Project manager

  • Anamnesia GmbH

Artistic director, scenography and design

  • Agence Clémence Farrell