Interpretation center – The Chauvet Pont-d’Arc cave

Amongst the various devices, touch screens allows small visitors to discover wall art and cave drawings, and Aurignacienway of life, through dedicated interpretation content and interactive games.

Thanks to the interactive “horses’ fresco”, visitors can also experience the creative gesture of the cave artists, thanks to a Kinectreal time detection of their fingers’ silhouette. Open and accessible to all, this initiation journey through time and civilization, offers a playful and educative discovery of a unique and remarkable witness of art invention, UNESCO World Heritage List.

We produced the whole multimedia content for interpretation centre of the Grotte Ornée du Pont d’Arc, also kown as Grotte Chauvet, located a few meters away from the cave fac-simile. With an introduction movie, dioramas, interactive devices and games, experts and historians Q&Avideos, sound design… the gallery invites the visitor to dive emotionally into more than 35.000 years of history, and give the answers to the questions the facsimile’s visit may raise.

Our work

  • Multimedia production
  • Audiovisual production
  • Installation and configuration

Project manager

  • Tempora