Grand Musée du Parfum

Located at the heart of Paris, the Grand Musée du Parfum allows both enthusiasts and neophytes to enter the wings and history of perfumery, from Egyptian antiquity to the present day.
Through a journey in three major stages – The history of perfume, A sensory immersion and the Art of perfume, through the profession of perfumer-creator, the museum offers an unprecedented experience around its olfactory collection.

More than 60 odors punctuate the playful and immersive discovery of the universe of perfume: history, raw materials, odor chemistry and, of course, perfumer’s art.

Our work

  • Ergonomic design
  • Audiovisual and multimedia production: motion design animation, interactive games and photo booth, digital cartels
  • Supply and installation of equipment
  • Maintenance


  • Projectiles

Graphic design

  • Des-Signes